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Développement WEB


Creation or evolution of your showcase, event, corporate, intranet or e-commerce site.

All our sites are responsive design, compatible with tablets and mobiles.



Established on a CMS like Woocommerce or entirely tailor-made, we can offer you solutions adapted to your expectations and your budget.

All our online sales sites are designed to benefit from optimized natural referencing.


Choice of IT systems, hosting, optimization, debugging, adding features…

Our plus: we successfully created and developed an e-commerce company for eight years before devoting ourselves entirely to Web development.

We accompany you in all the stages of the realization of your digital projects: from the choice of the type of site and the technology, through the purchase of the domain name and the hosting, as well as for the development of a SEO strategy.

After the development and the final launch, we maintain the site and we will always be there to answer your questions.

Solution sur mesure
A tailor-made solution that meets your needs.
Site responsive design
A site compatible with all platforms (mobile, computer, tablet, etc.).
Prix compétitif
A competitive price adapted to your project.
Des conseils pertinents
Relevant advice and a follow-up that does not stop with the delivery of the project.

Some customer references

L'atelier du portable is a company specializing in the sale of spare parts for laptops and their repair throughout France.
It was created in 2006 by the founder of Web Run, who developed the company's IT and its nine distance selling sites from A to Z.

The back office is particularly advanced and manages, among other things, supplier orders and receipts, shipment tracking, after-sales service, invoicing and part of the accounting, sales statistics (by region, channel, type of product, etc. ), automated deployment of the internal product base to Woocommerce, etc.

Sold in 2014, Web Run now provides maintenance and new developments for the company.
Wiwacom is a communication agency that develops its clients' websites itself.

Since 2019, Web Run has been working with Wiwacom for the production of complex technical parts of the sites it develops.

In particular, we have developed an import system capable of creating, formatting and updating a Woocommerce product database from a simple Excel file maintained by the client.
Anidris Services is a Luxembourg company specializing in the management of IT services.

We created the intranet of this company, which has, among other things, the particularity of bringing together two entities, each of which must have access to common services and specific sections, this in addition to a unique appearance according to the user's group. .

We also occasionally create websites for its clients.
L'atelier du portable
Anidris Services

Our team

Francois Tsicopoulos

Passionate about the Internet from the start, François was webmaster of Rue du Commerce when it was created, developer for a Web agency, and co-founder and manager until 2014 of his own e-commerce company, L'atelier du portable.

From now on, he puts his know-how at your service as an independent web developer.

His background has given him a global vision of e-business issues in France, and, in addition to the quality of his code, you will appreciate his advice, which goes beyond the expected technical skills.

Expatriate in Thailand, François has been working remotely since 2015. Every year, he returns to France for a few weeks, and takes the opportunity to come and discuss face-to-face with customers who wish to do so.

Alexandre drouin

A long-time partner, Alexandre specializes in server infrastructure and IT security, in addition to his skills in development languages.

Founder and director of Kaizen informatique since 2013, he is the architect of our automation systems and the guarantor of your data security.

In 2021, when the OVH data center burned down, none of our customers lost more than a few hours of data despite the loss of the servers in the fire.

Dividing his time between Alsace and Luxembourg, Alexandre ensures a permanent watch and intervenes at any time in case of emergency.
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