Advice and maintenance

Technical solutions :

Choice of your computer systems

Programming languages, all-in-one or specialized software, full or partial custom development, API (communication interface between software / systems).
The choices and solutions are legion, but which ones really match your current needs and which ones will meet your future needs?
After having audited your needs and the existing systems of your company, we will present you the possible evolutions or alternatives, with their advantages and disadvantages.


Notre savoir-faire nous permet de réaliser des infrastructures sur mesure répondant à vos contraintes de disponibilité, de résilience, de sécurité et de budget en utilisant les dernières technologies disponibles et en tirant parti de tous les avantages du cloud.

Vous avez besoin d’un administrateur confirmé pour maintenir votre infrastructure informatique ? Alexandre vous propose ses compétences sous Linux et Windows Server, ainsi que sur un large éventail de solutions mises à votre disposition.


Optimisation des performances de votre site et de sa capacité à être naturellement référencé.
Refonte partielle ou complète et ajout de fonctionnalités.
Audit de sécurité, et forfait de maintenance incluant les mises à jour de plug-ins et les petites modifications de présentation ou de contenu.

Solutions pratiques :

Organization, logistics

Sending 10, 50, 200 or more than 1000 parcels per day does not require the same resources, both internal organization and the choice of your logistics partners, the importance of which increases with that of your volumes. Often times, companies focus on sales and actually take care of the logistics when success is there. Unfortunately for lack of anticipation, it saturates, even explodes, leading to direct financial losses as well as a loss of brand image in the medium or long term.

However, this is not inevitable: it is possible to switch from one type of logistics to another gradually, without having to bear the entire incompressible cost of the next step.

Marketing strategy / Google Ads campaign (AdWords)

Who are your potential customers? Where to find them? At what price?
Once is not customary, there are a multitude of offers to promote your business. Some channels can be ideal for your business, and others without feedback or even counterproductive.

Of course, there is the essential AdWords, present in almost all media and allowing fine targeting of your campaigns. However, this ability to optimize does not come without a great complexity of use: publishing an ad is a piece of cake, but publishing an ad that will bring you customers with a competitive acquisition cost is not. not obvious.

WEB RUN, for this purpose can support you in the creation of your campaigns, by teaching you the good reflexes, the tips and the pitfalls to avoid. If you don't have the time or don't want to take care of this we can also handle it for you.

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